Project.net is a complete, open source cloud based enterprise project management application that helps companies plan, execute and deliver on their entire portfolio of projects.

Project.net Has An Impressive Track Record Of Helping Global Companies Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs.

Company History:

Project.net was founded in 1999 to develop project collaboration applications using Internet technologies. The company's initial focus was building and deploying a collaboration engine for use by Public and Private web-based Exchanges. The result was a powerful and scaleable application capable of supporting several hundred thousand users.

By 2000, large companies were increasingly becoming aware of the need for enterprise-wide project execution systems deployed within their intranets and extranets. To meet this need, Project.net created and began marketing an enterprise-class, highly scaleable and configurable project execution and project portfolio management application designed especially for Global 2000 companies. Today, Project.net software is actively used by over 100,000 people worldwide to more effectively execute projects.