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Implementing any Project Management / Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system is challenging at many different levels — that's why offers a wide range of fee-based services to ensure your success:

  • World Class Support
  • Maintenance Subscription
  • Customer Enhancements
  • Professional Services
  • Training

Learn more about each of these services addresses the challenging problem of Project Management / Project Portfolio Management (PPM) — being Open Source lets you both benefit from and participate in our success!

Tech-savvy users are free to download and deploy on their own. We offer a variety of resources to help get you started including:

  • Installation package
  • Community wiki
  • Forums
  • Source code
  • FAQ
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Enterprise Edition
Get Started with
Community Edition Enterprise Edition Community Edition

Recommended for

Any organization (corporations, government, etc.) looking for an enterprise scale, fully supported, production-ready Project Management / Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution without proprietary lock-in

The same features as Enterprise Edition but with 1) no access to interim patch releases and bug fixes and 2) only community support: recommended for experienced project managers who have access to both software development and IT resources that can be dedicated to helping them install, deploy, and maintain their PPM implementation

License Price / Subscription

No software license fee; commercial license available if necessary

No software license fee; free to download, free to use within the restrictions of the GNU General Public License (GPL)

SaaS Option

Choose between internal installation or hosting on our secure-yet-accessible cloud-based servers

Self-hosting only

Customization and Integration

Full customization and integration capabilities and services available (e.g. integration of other tools, both proprietary (e.g. Microsoft Project) and open source (e.g. Pentaho Business Intelligence)

Available only through self-supplied and community resources


Enterprise-grade support through Service Level Agreements (SLA). Support services provided include:

  • Guaranteed response times
  • Call tracking and issue escalation
  • Upgrade support
  • A controlled release model
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Problem resolution
  • Configuration, compatibility and migration advice
  • Performance and tuning advice

Community-based support through Forums and Wiki-based online documentation


Rigorous testing by dedicated QA Engineers for bugs, stability, scalability, and security issues within the customer's environment. An extensive QA process that provides:

  • Stress tested certified builds
  • Certification for scalability and high-availability clustering

General release testing only

Bug Fixing and Tracking

Highest priority given to Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA) issues and requests through world class support team:

  • Bug tracking and fixing (on current and previous versions)
  • Bug fix patches
  • Distribution
  • Back-port patch support

No access to patch releases: available in Community Edition only as part of future general releases (longer update / revision cycles)

Upgrades and Maintenance

Included as part of Enterprise Support Level Agreement (SLA):

  • Service packs
  • Upgrades; upgrade support

Self-applied upgrades, maintenance as available with general releases (longer update / revision cycles)


Comprehensive, on-site training provided by both and training partners on topics including:

  • Beginning user training
  • Workplan development
  • Advanced project managment including workflow and tracking database development
  • System Administration

Training through shared web-based documentation resources (e.g. wiki, videos, etc.) only (Please contribute!)


30-day guided, fully-supported evaluation available

Self-evaluation only, informal community support through Forums and Wiki-based online documentation