Activity Reporting

Just Blog-it’s integrated blogging tools enable you to monitor the progress towards the shared vision of the project. Team members simply create blog posts to record their status, recent activities, or completed work. Blog posts can be tied to specific tasks and tracking database items, keeping a complete record of activity associated with that item easily accessible. Blogs make project planning and execution easier than ever:
  • Quickly record completed work, status, and general comments
  • View a personal blog to see all posts made across projects by that individual
  • View a project blog to see a log of all work activity for that project
  • Multiple points of entry make blogging easy from the personal or project page
  • Facilitate two-way communication between management and team members

Project-based Wikis & Discussion Groups

Document Project Scope & User Stories's wikis and discussion groups capture the evolving shared vision of your project and provide a repository for that information that can be accessed by team members and other interested parties.

Project Wikis

The wiki allows the team to organize and edit easily all the critical documents and project plans in one central repository. Your project will stay on track, and no time will be wasted searching for important information. With wikis, your team can:
  • Document project specifications
  • Create an internal knowledge base
  • Share ideas
  • Foster collaboration
  • Keep project notes
  • Easily update and revise information
  • Track the project’s history

Discussion Groups

Project managers can establish threaded discussions for each project. The centralized discussion board allows team members to consolidate thoughts and ideas and share running commentary with other team members. With, you can always see who posted a discussion comment and who has read your comments. In addition, you can:
  • Attach documents and link other project objects to a discussion message
  • Track who has read each message
  • Hold discussions around specific documents

Document Management

Find, Share, Update and Review Your Critical Documents houses all the documents critical to your project in the Document Vault. Specifications, CAD designs, vendor contracts, proposals, and presentations – every project requires documents like these. The Document Vault stores them so they are easy to access, monitor, and control. The Document Vault allows team members to:
  • Store any size or type of file without limit, including video and audio files
  • Check out/check in version control system
  • Optionally lock documents to prevent further modifications
  • Link documents to other objects, discussions, deliverables, tasks, etc.
  • Use workflow to route documents for review or approval
  • Set permissions globally or for individual documents to control access using detailed role-based and user-based security protocols