Personal Dashboards

All Your Work at a Glance

Your Personal Dashboard provides a customized view of your projects, assignments, personal work in progress, and documents – in short, everything you are working on. It is only visible to you, and provides ready access to:
  • Projects that you are a member of
  • Action items that are assigned to you
  • Incoming and outgoing project messages
  • Your calendar, timesheet, and blog
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Documents that you currently have checked out

Project Management Dashboards

Your Project at a Glance

Project.net’s Project Dashboards give project managers and team members ready access to all the project information, including schedules, milestones, tasks, tracking databases, documents, metrics, discussions, deliverables, issues, action items, decisions, and features. The Project Dashboard provides easy access to:
  • The project wiki
  • Project-specific search capabilities
  • Recently modified documents
  • Project-specific discussions
  • Task lists and milestones
  • Project-specific document vault

Organization Dashboard

Track & Analyze Your Projects

Project.net’s Organization Dashboard is used to consolidate portfolios of related projects and can be organized into a hierarchy that models the actual structure of divisions, departments, and groups within your enterprise. It allows participants to add organization-wide discussion threads and to access an organization-wide document vault. Organization Dashboards provide an executive level view of the status of individual projects and allow you to:
  • Set up the organization structure
  • Create, view and manage documents
  • Provide discussions at the organization level
  • Plan and schedule meetings and events
  • Create forms and establish organization–wide workflows and templates
  • View resource allocation