Personal Dashboards

All Your Work at a Glance

Your Personal Dashboard provides a customized view of your projects, assignments, personal work in progress, and documents – in short, everything you are working on. It is only visible to you, and provides ready access to:
  • Projects that you are a member of
  • Action items that are assigned to you
  • Incoming and outgoing project messages
  • Your calendar, timesheet, and blog
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Documents that you currently have checked out

Project Notifications

Know What's Going On

You can configure to send notifications about anything project-related. Time the frequency of notifications based on personal preference and the importance of the event. Notifications can be set up for all kinds of events, including:
  • Modifications to folders in the document vault
  • Modifications to specific documents
  • Modifications to forms or form data
  • Activity in a discussion group
  • Updated news items
  • Task assignments or changes

Time Reporting

Account For Your Time

Team members simply enter the time they work using the Blog-it feature and that time is automatically captured by the Workplan and associated with a specific task. The timesheet entry module updates these time entries and lists all tasks with completed, current, and incomplete task status. Since individual timesheet entries also roll-up to summary reports for payroll and accounting, there is no longer a need for a separate time tracking system. With time entries, you can:
  • Automatically track actual hours worked on specific tasks
  • Compare time estimated in project planning with actual time worked
  • Identify projects that are understaffed or delayed
  • Identify staff that is underutilized or over-allocated
  • Eliminate time-consuming time reporting systems