Strategic Project Management helps your project teams meet schedule challenges and achieve better results by fostering collaboration and transparency. Project teams are driven to collaborate through blog and wiki social media tools that are unified into's dashboards, work plans, activity logs and time submittal reports. These encourage collaboration within and across projects, while increasing individual accountability and transparency, making all projects run more smoothly.

Project Templates

With, your Project Management Office (PMO) can reliably report to senior executives on the status and progress of multiple projects moving forward simultaneously. The Project Management Office will be able to drill down to the level of discrete project events, where individual project contributors have blogged or made wiki entries about the tasks they've accomplished.

If your teams are geographically dispersed or you need to collaborate outside the organization, can be easily and securely web hosted, allowing remote staff, suppliers, clients, or other stakeholders the ability to participate as full-fledged team members. Benefits for PMOs

Strong team adoption & collaboration. Integrated Blog and Wiki functionality makes it easy for the team to record and document extensively about the project, maximizing information retention and dissemination throughout the organization.

Cross-Project Scope. Information is cross-linked to multiple projects where appropriate, so the ability to, for example, track a specific team member's time across several projects is built-in.

Open Source.'s an open source Project Portfolio Management solution -- the only one -- so not only is there extensive community support, but the code's always available for you to customize.

Flexible Hosting Options. can be either hosted in-house or securely hosted on the web – your choice. Secure web-based hosting makes it easily accessible by geographically remote team members or external contractors while avoiding internal IT hassles and overhead.