Visibility & Accountability

Project Management Dashboards

Your Project at a Glance’s Project Dashboards give project managers and team members ready access to all the project information, including schedules, milestones, tasks, tracking databases, documents, metrics, discussions, deliverables, issues, action items, decisions, and features. The Project Dashboard provides easy access to:
  • The project wiki
  • Project-specific search capabilities
  • Recently modified documents
  • Project-specific discussions
  • Task lists and milestones
  • Project-specific document vault

Forms and Tracking for Requests, Issues and More

Track Everything Important with Customizable Forms’s Forms module helps you effectively manage your projects by allowing you to create customized forms to track any number of issues, decisions, requirements, features, bugs, goals, risks, etc. Once created, each form is stored in the form library as a template allowing your organization to standardize across all forms. Team members find using Forms makes data entry easier and since the data is collected in a database, sorting the information for analysis is effortless. Forms allow you to:
  • Create templates and add controls as required
  • Use Forms with the Workflow module to route through the proper process
  • Share Forms to collect data from other projects
  • Search record meta-data such as when it was created and by whom
  • Export data for reporting purposes
  • Create personal Forms for to-do lists, issue lists, etc.

Project Activity Logs

Track Project Progress’s Activity Log is a chronological record of your project’s events. It captures the complete record of all the events associated with your project because every action carried out by the users of the project is automatically recorded as an event in the Activity Log. Each entry is integrated with the personal blog for the event, so it is easy to see any notes associated with the event. You can customize which Activity Logs are generated and quickly view all changes, edits, additions, modifications, and deletions to the project work based on the date or the event as needed. Activity Logs allow you to:

  • Capture a complete record of all the events associated with your project
  • Sort Activity Logs by date, person, object, and/or event
  • Quickly review the integrated blog entry associated with the event
  • Generate custom Activity Logs based on the events or date you want to track

Project Time Tracking

Account for Your Time’s Time Submittal Reports provide a record of all time recorded against tasks in all projects within an organization. Team members simply enter the time they worked using the Blog-it feature, and that time is automatically captured by the Workplan and rolled-up to the Time Submittal Reports. It is all integrated, so there is no longer a need for a separate time tracking system.
  • Export time reports in CSV or Microsoft Excel formats
  • Create specialized reports for the entire organization, the sub-organization, or an individual project
  • View historical records of actual project completion time vs. estimates
  • Eliminate time-consuming time reporting systems