Plan & Track Tasks and Milestones

The Project Workplan is the project’s schedule broken down into tasks, each of which can have their own blog and wiki. The Project Workplan displays the resources assigned to each task and allows the user to modify the details as required. The Project Manager can view and monitor task progress, modify task details, organize and schedule the work in the Project Workplan. The resources who are assigned the task can update the percentage of the work they have completed or the hours of the work they have completed measured against the number of hours that have been assigned to the task. With Workplans, Project Managers can:
  • View all current tasks and milestones by which the project is tracked
  • Schedule tasks as stand-alone or contingent upon other tasks
  • Modify details quickly and easily with integrated blogs and wikis for each task
  • Group tasks into project phases, planned checkpoints, or deliverables on each phase
  • Estimate time to complete the assigned work
  • Assigned tasks automatically appear on the person’s list of assignments
  • Load and save Microsoft Project-compatible project files