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Project Management traditionally fails because teams struggle with collaboration: they find it difficult to enter information relevant to the project into the project management system, hindering everyone's ability to track project progress.'s integrated Blog and Wiki functionality makes it easy for teams to record and document extensively about the project, creating a rich data set in parallel with (and associated with) the traditional project management data. The greater communication enabled by's blog and wiki functionality facilitate greater overall project collaboration: the team gets both immediate gratification in the ongoing project dialogue about their entries, and long-term gratification as the project progresses smoothly.

If your teams are geographically dispersed, or you need to collaborate outside the organization, can be easily and securely web hosted, allowing remote team members -- or suppliers, clients, etc. -- the ability to participate as full-fledged team members.

As the Project Manager, you have unparalleled visibility with dashboards, assignments and time sheets, plus open communication tools and tracking capabilities, make keeping track of the important elements of the project seamless. You can drill down with the finest levels of granularity into the current state of the project and understand how it got there. You can generate reports for yourself and your management to guide the project to successful completion.'s extensive team-entered data means that you, team members, and management can clearly track the ongoing project progress and overall project success.'s a full Project Portfolio Management solution, so it excels in situations where there are mutually dependent factors at play (such as shared resources or team members that have responsibilities across multiple ongoing projects). And it's the only open source Project Portfolio Management solution so there's a whole user community supporting you.

To Summarize About

  •'s a feature-complete Project Portfolio Management solution unified with blog and wiki functionality
  • Team members will use extensively and effectively
  • Team members can be geographically remote or outside the organization
  • Open Source: extensive community support, the code's available for you to customize
  •'s built-in APIs mean it plays nicely with tools you may have previously adopted, and gives you greater flexibility when choosing new tools

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