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Access to timely and precise information leads to better decisions that improves the returns of your project management processes. captures crucial project data, status updates, and reports from both teams and project managers, ensuring you have up-to-date and accurate information on which to base decisions. Quickly measure results, assess progress, focus on the salient issues and make course corrections such as:  


  • Which projects are providing the greatest benefit to the organization?
  • Which projects are falling behind schedule? 
  • Which projects are exceeding cost estimates, over budget?
  • Which projects should be scaled back (or even canceled) so their resources can be allocated to higher priority projects? 

Finally! Know the status of all your organization's initiatives.'s designed to let you and your Project Managers determine which projects to pursue, which projects are in trouble, which projects to scale back. combines the power of social networking technologies with traditional project management tools to encourage collaboration across all facets of the organization: teams record and document extensively about their projects, and the Project Managers and Project Management Office will reliably be able to report to you on the progress of the projects they're overseeing. 

You have unparalleled visibility into the project: you can drill down to the discrete project event level if necessary, where individual project contributors have blogged about a task they've performed.'s the only open source Project Management Solution that's explicitly a multi-project Project Portfolio Management solution. provides the underlying, accurate data to provide you with the supporting information you need to make critical resource allocation decisions.

  • Illuminate / Empower every team member
  • Enable real-time reporting to make better decisions
  • Drive collaboration through built-in social media
  • Shortest time to value
  • Open Source - no proprietary vendor lock-in, extensive community support 

How Helps Everyone in Your Organization

  • You get the detailed information support you need for critical decision making
  • Your Project Management Office gets the only open source Project Portfolio Management solution: lower cost, widely supported, no vendor lock-in
  • Your Project Managers get rapid deployment, excellent team adoption and accurate tracking
  • Your teams get expansive collaboration about the project and can clearly track their contributions to ongoing project progress and overall project success

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