As a provider of open source software, our revenues are derived from support and other services, rather than product licensing. Providing the support our customers need to make the best possible use of our software is our primary business, not an afterthought.

Many PPM software companies offer only hosted solutions, or SaaS. We are pleased to offer customers the quick startup and easy maintenance associated with SaaS, but we also recognize that some customers need to deploy their project management software on their own hardware. Flexible deployment options are just one way in which demonstrates our commitment to helping you get the most out of our tools.

The goal of our support team is to make sure you have easy access to the people and information you need to manage your projects. The Resources section of our website is a gateway to a wealth of helpful information about project management and PPM software. The Community section of our website provides access to our Forums as well as documentation, including articles on project management, PPM and implementing PPM systems We offer phone and email-based support.

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