Team Members

Web-based Project Management Empowers Teams


team members provides everything your teams need to clearly communicate and document their progress, all while keeping in sync with the overall project. You track progress not just with time logs, but through submitted work supplemented with associated blog and wiki entries that team members provide as background information about what they've completed. Collaboration is maximized: just as in a stand-alone blog or wiki, others can comment, enhance, or just simply follow the entries: you can do the same with others' entries. As the project progresses, a rich data set of enhanced data – the blog and wiki entries – is being created in parallel with (and associated with) the traditional project management data.

  • Stay organized across numerous tasks (and projects), identify upcoming bottlenecks.
  • Keep everyone clearly apprised of project progress, whether you're managing one project or multiple projects in parallel.
  • Built-in Blog and Wiki features mean all teams' collaborative efforts are extensively documented and illustrated within you, team members, and management can clearly track contributions to ongoing project progress and overall project success.
  • Built-in timesheet functionality means team members only have to log time in one place. The accompanying blog field lets them document and communicate what they accomplished with that time and note any issues that arise.

With your teams communicate clearly across the organization (and outside the organization too, if you want) about what they're working on and when.

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