High-level Portfolio Scoring

Project Management Portfolio Views

Project.net provides high-level portfolio views of the entire project portfolio. Projects may be grouped by business unit, division, or department hierarchy. This provides a powerful cross-enterprise view of project status. With portfolio scoring, you can:
  • Group projects into various portfolios
  • Search for all projects meeting certain conditions
  • Prioritize and measure projects using scorecards
  • Create scorecards for organization health (overall, financial, resource, schedule)

Resource Management

Maximize Resource Utilization

Project.net allows you to organize and monitor resources for more effective allocation of your resource pool. It improves your resource planning and skills assessment capabilities, plus helps you estimate resource needs and schedule available resources more efficiently.
  • Quickly see which resources are over or under-allocated
  • Create task reports by resource
  • Access team directory including skills, roles, and contact info
  • Streamline resource sharing

Online Project Management Collaboration

Integrated Discussion Groups

Project managers can establish threaded discussions for each project. The centralized discussion board allows team members to consolidate thoughts and ideas and share running commentary with other team members. With Project.net, you can always see who posted a discussion comment and who has read your comments. In addition, you can:
  • Attach documents and link other project objects to a discussion message
  • Track who has read each message
  • Hold discussions around specific documents